Our simulators can be tailor made for purchase. Standard specifications are:

– 3 DOF MOTION platform (roll, pitch, jaw)
– Simulates rear traction loss
– High speed, high precision actuators
– Fully adjustable dampers and spring rates for realistic feeling
– Genuine Formula BMW carbon fibre monocoque
– Genuine Formula BMW pedal box
– Hydraulic brake pedal (Up to 100 kg of force maximum braking)
– Leo Bodnar pedal cable for high precision pedal position
– F1/GP2 style steering wheel, or original FBMW/Asia Cup steering wheel.
– ARC upgraded high force feedback steering wheel.
– ARC Sequential Shifter
– Genuine FBMW Seat Belts with tensioning system
– Real FBMW rescue seat (drivers own race seat can be inserted.)
– 5.1 Dolby HTX surround sound system with sub-woofer
– Oculus rift 3D goggles.
– Laser-scanned track and car models
– Compatible with most racing games, Rfactor, Iracing, etc.
– Simulators can be tailor-made to your specifications

For enquiries please call or email us here.



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