Enhance your brand experience with Inzane: Keen to enhance your brand experience with a cool and current feature product like a professional race simulator? Our Inzane professional simulator is the perfect tool for you to promote your brand. Raise the bar at your next event by featuring our simulator as a part of your branding awareness exercise. This fun and interactive feature is sure to beckon a crowd and give each and every participant your brand experience of a lifetime.


The Inzane Triple-screened Professional Simulator was featured at an Acer event recently.

Driver Training Program: The Inzane professional simulator is a state of the art full-motion 3DOF single seater race simulator.  It is the ideal training tool for any racing driver to hone their skills in a cost-effective way and add to their level of preparation for that all-important race season. To read about our Driver Training Program in detail, go here.

The Inzane professional race simulator has been the focal point at the Sepang Race Circuit and other motorsports events. Some of our clients are, Total and Elf.

We are currently renting our Inzane professional simulator for events and driver training. If you are interested in renting or buying our unit, please call or email us your requirements here.


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