The Inzane simulator is a state of the art full motion 3DOF single seater race simulator.  It is the ideal training tool for any racing driver to hone their skills in a cost-effective way and add to their level of preparation for that all-important race season. It is also the perfect tool to enhance your brand experience at your next corporate event!

This simulator is as close as possible a mimic of the real racing car and is made with mostly genuine race car parts. It consists of a real carbon fibre monocoque and comes with a Sparco quick release steering wheel adaptor.

Currently equipped with a genuine FBMW and GP2/F1 style steering wheel, this simulator also has a sequential gear shifter for junior single seater series such as FBMW, F3, Formula Masters and Formula Renault. It is fitted with the original FBMW headrest and FBMW rescue seat, which allows for a real race seat to be inserted. The interior of this simulator is  exactly the same to a real racing car. This simulator also comes with a genuine set of Sparco seat belts that tightens under braking. In addition to the 3DOF motion platform, the exclusive physics based tactile feedback and the 3D HTX surround sound system will ensure a full emersion and realistic experience.

We have a huge inventory of quality laser-scanned  tracks and cars from FBMW, F3, GP2, LMP2 all the way up to F1 for the Inzane simulator.

With a very strong-force feedback steering wheel and a real hydraulic brake pedal with forces up to 100kg, training with this simulator also helps to  strengthen arm and leg muscles, which improves the overall fitness level as well as stimulate muscle memory.


Technical Specifications:

– 3 DOF MOTION platform (roll, pitch, jaw)
– Simulates rear traction loss
– High speed, high precision actuators
– Fully adjustable dampers and spring rates for realistic feeling
– Genuine Formula BMW carbon fibre monocoque
– Genuine Formula BMW pedal box
– Hydraulic brake pedal (Up to 100 kg of force maximum braking)
– Leo Bodnar pedal cable for high precision pedal position
– F1/GP2 style steering wheel, or original FBMW/Asia Cup steering wheel.
– ARC upgraded high force feedback steering wheel.
– ARC Sequential Shifter
– Genuine FBMW Seat Belts with tensioning system
– Real FBMW rescue seat (drivers own race seat can be inserted.)
– 5.1 Dolby HTX surround sound system with sub-woofer
– Oculus rift 3D goggles.
– Laser-scanned track and car models
– Compatible with most racing games, Rfactor, Iracing, etc.
– Simulators can be tailor-made to your specifications for purchase

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