Happy New Year!

Happy 2018 guys! What better way to kick off the year than with a customised gift for yourself in the form of a racing simulator! This year we are rolling out many high-end GT styles in your own personalised choice of colour and setting. Find out more about your options today.

Customised to the T

We take customise to the next level with our plated names and match-to-colour personalisation. Get yours today, and ask for a special end year discount!

Singapore bound

A custom made GT style sim for Sean Wong, made to order in Green, it has triple screen monitors, with super high end Hydraulic brake pedals and the direct driver wheel, mounted in our in-house made frame made from FIA Roll cage tubing. Together with the Aluminium cast bracket which allows for maximum vision as well as maximum space for your legs and makes this a very stiff set-up to deal with real life brake and steering forces, it also has bass shakers mounted brake pedal to give the driver crucial feedback on pedal lock-up as well as on the seat to give feedback on engine vibration, road texture, over-steer etc. It also has also a full surround sound system, for complete immersion. contact us for a quote if you would like a custom made simulator as well.